General Education

Why do I need to take General Education courses?

General Education courses are a requirement for all students in an Ontario College credential program (Ontario College Certificate, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma). The purpose of General Education in the Ontario college system is to contribute to the development of citizens who are conscious of the diversity, complexity, and richness of the human experience; who are able to establish meaning through this consciousness; and, who, as a result, are able to contribute thoughtfully, creatively and positively to the society in which they live and work (Ministry of Colleges and Universities, Framework for programs of instruction for colleges of applied arts and technology, 2023).

How many General Education courses do I need?

Requirements are identified in the General Education Policy, as per below:

General Education Requirement
Program Credential
College Certificate Ontario College Certificate Ontario College Diploma Ontario College Advanced Diploma Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Number of courses required using a combination of mandated and elective courses

0 1* 3 to 5 3 to 5 0

*May be mandated or elective

What General Education Courses Exist and What Can I Take?

Below you’ll find a list of Gen Ed courses delivered by Canadore College. Course details (description, learning outcomes, etc.) can be found on the course outline located on the course outlines website. Some Gen Ed courses are not offered each semester, and some Gen Ed courses may not be eligible electives if they are already mandated for your program or if they meet your program learning outcomes.

Approved General Education Courses
CLT100 - First Peoples of Canada
CTR100 - Critical Thinking & Reasoning
DFM123 - Healthy Living, Healthy Eating
ENG200 - Creative Writing
GED100 - Environmental Citizenship
GED105 - Greek Mythology
GED110 - Personal Finance
GED115 - Saints & Kings
GED120 - Science of Everyday Life
GED125 - Government Relations
GED135 - Personal Success
GED150 - Astronomy
GED155 - World Culture Through Film
GED205 - Residential Solar Power
GED210 - Intro to Low-Carbon Construction
GED235 - Cultural Awareness
GED250 - Artificial Intelligence and Us
HUM100 - Interpersonal Relations
HUM200 - Group Dynamics
PSY100 - Foundations of Psychology I
PSY123 - Applied Psychology
PSY200 - Lifespan Development
SOC100 - Foundations of Sociology
STS100 - Strategies for Success

List is subject to change

View the list of Mandated and Excluded GenEd Offerings by Program


What policies relate to General Education requirements?

Canadore’s policy provides guidance to ensure that the College’s General Education courses are consistent with the Ministry’s stated purpose. Please see the General Education Policy and Procedure on the Policies and Procedures website.

Are General Education courses required in Degree programs?

Degree programs do not require General Education courses, nor do the General Education Policy and Procedures apply to degree programs. Degree programs are required to include an appropriate balance of core/main field of study and non-core, Breadth, courses within the curriculum. Please see the Liberal Studies Policy on the Policies and Procedures website.


If you’d like to know if your prior learning experience can be applied to General Education or Breadth course requirements, please contact the Pathways Officer: