Metal Fabricator Apprenticeship

Level Apprenticeship

The in-school training at Canadore will prepare you to be successful in industry and develop leadership skills for supervisory roles.


The program focuses primarily on welding, layout and fitting techniques used in the welding and fabrication industry. Earn while you learn. This is a day release program. Student can work and earn income while in class. 

Length of Study: 3 Levels
Level 1 Common Core is one day per week for 50 weeks for a total of 300 hours.
Level 2 Fitter is one day per week for 35 weeks for a total of 210 hours.
Level 3 Fitter is one day per week for 35 weeks for a total of 210 hours.

Notes: Upon completion, successful students are eligible to challenge the Ontario Certificate of Qualification.

Your Future Career

  • Welder/fitter or iron worker
  • Supervisor
  • Quality control

What You Learn

  • CNC shape cutting and break press
  • Oxy fuel cutting and plasma cutting
  • Air carbon arc gouging
  • Rigging, layout and fitting
  • Project management 
  • Quality control assurance 

You must be a signed apprentice with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development to be eligible to take these programs.  Please go to for additional information.

Semester 1

MFF100 Trade Practices - Lev 1
MFF105 Applied Blueprint Reading - Lev 1

Semester 2

MFF110 Welding Theory I - Lev 1
MFF115 Material and Processes Quality I - Lev 1
MFF120 Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Practical I - Lev 1

Semester 3

MFF125 Gas Shielded Semi-Automatic Welding Practical I - Lev 1
MFF130 Thermal Cutting - Lev 1

Semester 4

MFF235 Blueprint Advanced - Lev 2
MFF245 Fabrication I - Lev 2
MFF255 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Practical - Lev 2

Semester 5

MFF257 Machine Operation - Lev 2
MFF259 Material and Process Quality II - Lev 2
MFF265 Pattern and Template Development I - Lev 2

Semester 6

MFF300 Patterns and Templates Development II - Lev 3
MFF310 Fabrication II - Lev 3
MFF320 Project Planning - Lev 3
MFF330 Preparation for Shipping - Lev 3
MFF340 Installation - Lev 3
MFF345 Lifiting & Rigging and Working at Heights - Lev 3


Check out the Campus Bookstore to not only purchase your textbooks but also view your book list before the semester starts. 


Canadore College has implemented Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to enhance your learning experience in and out of the classroom while ensuring flexibility in learning.

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