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Canadore College prepares to send students to study abroad

Nov 18, 2021

Canadore believes that, to truly internationalize its campuses, the College must do more than welcome students from around the world; it must also send its domestic students to study and engage in global experiences abroad.

While the COVID-19 pandemic meant changes to existing programming over the past 21 months, Canadore’s International Department is now preparing for a return to normal operations -- this includes sending students for highly sought-after study abroad experiences in countries as diverse as Mexico, the Ukraine, Costa Rica and Ireland.

“Even before the arrival of the pandemic, few Canadian post-secondary students graduated with international education experience. Financial reasons were often cited as a barrier,” said Dr. Aamir Taiyeb, Canadore’s Director of International.  “The Government of Canada, through the Global Skills Opportunity (GSO) program, has stepped in to help Canadian public institutions meet their study abroad targets.”

“Canadore received $463,000 to send 76 students to other countries over the next four years,” said Taiyeb.

Such an initiative is particularly valuable for institutions outside dense urban areas and for students who have been traditionally under-represented in study abroad programming.

“Canadore College students will have the chance to develop their cultural awareness, build global networks, learn new languages, and develop internationally transferable skills and competencies,” said George Burton, Canadore President and CEO.

The GSO outbound pilot project was announced in 2019 as part of the Government of Canada’s International Education Strategy (IES).  The aim of the program is to help students acquire global skills for the future.   All Canadian post-secondary students are eligible, but the GSO program is targeting Indigenous students, students from low-income backgrounds, and students with disabilities – groups who are traditionally under-represented in global study and work programs. 

“Providing our students with opportunities to obtain global experience is an integral part of our Internationalization Strategy,” said Dr. Ahmed Obaide, Canadore’s Vice President Academic.  “The outcomes have proven to be invaluable and quite often have a long-lasting impact that we hope our graduates can benefit from, particularly in a knowledge economy.”

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed the launch of the program, and student mobility will only be allowed if government travel advisories permit. Canadore will prioritize student safety with wraparound support services and security measures.

Canadore will begin by offering students global study opportunities with its existing suite of partners. Canadore, through the Government of Canada’s GSO funding, will cover all of the students’ expenses during their two or three week stay.

Student selection for outbound mobility at Canadore College will be holistic and informed by Canadore’s target demographic and overall adherence to a commitment to increasing global competencies and citizenship among participating student learners. Further information on Canadore’s outbound student mobility initiatives is available here (