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Canadore Equipping Companies to Drill Holes in the Moon

Apr 26, 2017 | Canadore College

NORTH BAY, ONT.) – Canadore College’s Innovation Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Production (ICAMP) is helping prepare for the next stages of Canadian participation in deep space exploration.

Under contract to Deltion Innovations Ltd. of Capreol, Ont., and in partnership with Atlas Copco, ICAMP has been working on the project for nearly eight months. Specifically, the Centre was engaged to use its additive manufacturing capability to produce prototype tool ends for Deltion’s space mining multi-purpose tool, labeled PROMPT (Percussive and Rotary Multi-Purpose Tool).

 “For obvious reasons, this project was a dream to work on,” said Evan Butler-Jones, applied research lead at ICAMP. “The complexity of this undertaking made it both challenging and exciting. It is thrilling to participate in this small way to Canada’s efforts in developing the space mining industry.”

Atlas and Deltion brought the PROMPT concept and tool designs to ICAMP for manufacturing and production. The Centre utilized its additive manufacturing resources, including its 3D metal printer and computer numerical control equipment, to prototype the commissioned parts.

“Deltion has been working on space mining technologies for almost two decades,” said Dale Boucher, CEO of Deltion Innovations. “The use of additive manufacturing is a means to develop the complex geometries required for the tool ends of PROMPT. We are very pleased with the results of this project and we look forward to a continued collaboration with ICAMP.”

The finalized products were recently delivered to Deltion Innovations, who will be testing the multi-purpose tool for future deep space applications such as on the moon, Mars and asteroids.


Canadore College’s Innovation Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Production (ICAMP) consists of 13, 300 sq. ft. of industrial lab and design space capable of helping small- and medium-sized enterprises conceptualize, design, prototype, test and manufacture products. The Centre includes a large boardroom and 12-seat 3D theatre and specializes in additive manufacturing, precision 3D scanning, design and simulation software, CNC manufacturing, robotics, microscopy, destructive material testing, and non-destructive material testing. Resources include EOS and Stratasys equipment, Creaform scanning equipment, 3DS Solidworks, Solidthinking Inspire and Geomagics, 9-axis machining centre, waterjet cutting, YuMi robot, scanning electron microscope, multiple optical microscopes and more.

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