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Canadore Panther Fitness Facility

Feb 4, 2019 | Novindera Budhram, Recreation and Wellness Coordinator

Fitness facility

Panther Sport and Wellness is pleased to announce that since the opening of the Panther Fitness Centre last year, usage has more than quadrupled with students, employees, alumni and retirees.

Some features of the renovated Fitness Centre include:

• 4,000 sq. ft. facility
• state-of-the-art equipment including free weights, machines and cardio equipment
• designated cardio and stretching area
• classroom space
• brand new changerooms and separate washrooms
• all-gender changeroom and washroom

As of September, Canadore implemented swipe card access and 24 –hour security monitoring.

Panther Sport and Wellness employs students in the Fitness Centre. They are available to help out users with understanding how to use equipment and also keep the area clean.

Fitness Facility

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