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Canadore Panthers Announce 2019-2020 OCAA Season

Oct 18, 2019

Panthers Sport and Wellness announce varsity roster for their upcoming Ontario Colleges Athletics Association (OCAA) season.


Men’s Basketball

Rami Arabi, Head Coach
Roshane Roberts, Assistant Coach
Trae Betty, Assistant Coach
Deny Padre, Assistant Coach

First Name Last Name # POS Hometown
Riley Roy 0 G North Bay, ON
Cory Gardener 1 G Brampton, ON
Prince Dankyi 2 G Toronto, ON
Nathan Bilamu 3 G Hamilton, ON
Raivone Young 4 G Toronto, ON
John Clark 5 G Mississauga, ON
Zach Martyn 6 G North Bay, ON
Dejon Campbell 9 G Brampton, ON
Marco Layne 11 F Toronto, ON
Keats Vanderlee 14 F North Bay, ON
Jaquan Baker 15 G Toronto, ON
Ryan Roelcke 21 F North Bay, ON
Raeshawn Washington 23 G Toronto, ON
Nathan Williams 55 F Brampton, ON

Men’s Volleyball

Mark Hopper, Head Coach
Novindera Budhram, Assistant Coach
Tyler Philipson, Assistant Coach

First Name Last Name # POS Hometown
Greg Doane 1 LIB Manitoulin, ON
Jean Francois Daoust 2 LIB/LS Sturgeon Falls, ON
Yusuf Suleiman 3 S/LS Ottawa, ON
Kyle McDiarmid 4 LS/RS North Bay, ON
Cameron Daniels 5 S North Bay, ON
Justin Leclair 6 LIB/LS Kapuskasing,ON
Caleb Parks 7 RS/MB Massey, ON
Lane Cote 8 MB Haileybury, ON
Ben Thompson 9 LS/RS North Bay, ON
Corey Forest 11 RS North Bay, ON
Jackson Brear 12 RS/LS North Bay, ON
Ryan Carnevale 13 MB Toronto, ON
Drake Stevenson 17 MB/RS Atikokan, ON

Women’s Volleyball

Andrew Nicholson, Head Coach
Connor Gaylord, Assistant Coach
Cassie Rivard, Assistant Coach
Daniela Northrup, Assistant Coach

First Name Last Name # POS Hometown
Maddie McDiarmid 1 RS/LS North Bay
Megan Foucault 2 LIB/DS North Bay
Emma Howe 3 LS/DS North Bay
Alexandra McClure 4 LS/RS Constance Bay
Leah McDougall 5 RS/LS Lefroy
Jess Venhuizen 6 LS London
Judith Prades 7 LIB/DS Edmonton
Samantha Hyde 8 MB/RS Sault Ste. Marie
Sarah Grassie 9 RS Sturgeon Falls
Ashlyn Kadlecik 10 S London
Kristine Ledger 11 MB Port Carling
Kate Dugdale 12 MB/RS Sudbury
Tianna Head 13 MB/LS North Bay
Kylie Krcel 14 RS/MB Timmins
Katie Bethune 20 S/RS North Bay

Varsity games will kick off on Saturday, October 19 in the Education Centre Gymnasium. The Women’s and Men’s volleyball teams taking Fleming Knights at 1:00pm and 3:00pm respectively, followed by the Men’s basketball team hosting the Sheridan Bruins at 6:00pm. Admission to varsity games is free, and complimentary popcorn and hotdogs are served to game enthusiasts. Patrons are encouraged to bring non-perishable food items to games to help stock the shelves of Canadore College’s Emergency Student Food Bank.


The 2019-2020 OCAA season will host a number of themed games, including Remembrance Day, Bell Let’s Talk and Military Appreciation day.


GET YOUR CLAWS OUT to support your Canadore College Panthers. For updates, rosters and full schedules, please visit

For more information, please contact: Joey Rainer, Varsity and Club Coordinator, 705.474.7600 ext. 5230 or 5623.

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