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Canadore student pens her first novel, and says there will be others.

Nov 9, 2020 | Cindy Males, Public Relations and Communications Specialist

“You said I was your friend. Well, Kyky, you hurt me. You made me cry. Friends don’t make friends cry. Now, I’m no longer your friend.  No, no, from now on I will be your friendly foe.”

That’s an excerpt from the new book, Friendly Foe, by first year Canadore Practical Nursing student Emily Gillies, and it sums up what the story is about. 

“Friendly Foe follows the main character of Kyle Troy, a studious student and hardworking baseball player who wants to leave his small town to go to college, and eventually pursue his ultimate dream to play on a major league baseball team,” said Gillies. “However, his best friend has a secret.  It’s an obsessive and dangerous secret that threatens Kyle and his loved ones.”

“It is a dark, twisted, romantic thriller that makes you question who your friends are, and wonder how well you know you them."

Gillies studied English at Nipissing University, and it was during that time she became inspired to write a novel. 

“At the beginning of this journey, I thought about what is the scariest occurrence a person can go through.  I realized if I turn something that once brought comfort to make it scary, it would be horrific,” said Gillies.  “The greatest comfort is having a best friend you have known forever. But, the scariest thing would be to realize they actually want to hurt you.”

Gillies says Friendly Foe is in no way autobiographical, and has no connection to her desire to become a nurse.

“I published a book because it is a dream I have always aspired to. I have many different stories to write, so this is just a steppingstone,” she said.

“I am a practical Nursing student who is just following her dream of being a writer."

Friendly Foe is available on Amazon at

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