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Emma Chilton Spotlight

May 24, 2023 | Vanessa Tignanelli, Storyteller & Content Creator

Emma Chilton with award

Emma Chilton of Bracebridge, Ont. (20) has won First Place at this year’s Skills Ontario Competition in Toronto! A second year student in the Aircraft Maintenance program, she has become Canadore’s first female student to win this competition!

Each college can send 2 students to represent their college at Skills Ontario. Alongside Emma, Canadore selected Connor Laracque of Clayton, Ont., who placed Second.

“Just to be selected is an achievement. It implies that the teachers have faith in your work and that they believe you have the competence to tackle anything that gets thrown your way,” says Emma.

The purpose of Skills Competition is to assess competitors’ knowledge in performing basic procedures in their field. The competition included a variety of activities: a written test involving knowledge of Canadian Aviation Regulations; determining the serviceability of piston engine components using precision measuring instruments; testing competence and speed of safety wiring; constructing an electrical wiring harness; and repairing sheet metal, among other tasks.

“Canadore wins year after year because they offer more hands-on projects and experience,” continues Emma. “Because most of the competition was a surprise to the competitors until the day of, my schooling and experience in the trades came in handy. I had done these jobs with my own hands in first and second year.”

A lot of work, dedication, and training for this medal has paid off for both Emma and Connor. They have proven that they can handle whatever challenges they are presented with in the field, and Canadore is very proud to celebrate the unmatched competence of our Aviation students.

Emma will go on to compete with Team Ontario at the National Skills Competition next week in Winnipeg. Good luck, Emma!

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