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Meet our Faculty Researcher – Omid Ali Kharazmi

Aug 21, 2023 | Research Centre

Omid Ali Kharazmi

In this edition of our Monthly Meet our Researcher Article, we highlight our new Research Officer, Omid Ali Kharazmi. Omid is also a faculty member at Canadore College in the School of Business. Omid's journey began in Iran, where he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Mashhad in 2003. His thirst for knowledge led him to Canada, where he earned his MBA from Carleton University in 2006. In pursuit of further academic excellence, Omid embarked on a PhD program in Innovation Management at the University of Stirling in Scotland. There, he delved into the topic of university-industry collaboration and scenario planning to finish his dissertation on this topic.

Omid's love for both research and teaching became evident as he started his career as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Stirling. After obtaining his PhD, he joined the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad as a faculty member, where he taught a diverse range of courses, including entrepreneurship, human resource management, strategic management, and change management. Omid's research interests are both broad and impactful. They encompass entrepreneurship, local innovation systems, human resource management, scenario planning, and systems thinking. His recent work has focused on enhancing university-industry collaboration and boosting regional innovation potential.

For Omid, the most rewarding aspect of being a faculty member at Canadore College lies in the opportunity to teach students from diverse cultural backgrounds. He cherishes knowledge-sharing experiences with fellow faculty members during regular meetings. Moreover, teaching gives Omid a chance to engage in applied research and better understand society's needs.

As a full-time Research Officer at Canadore College, Omid is enthusiastic about engaging in research that addresses the pressing societal priorities within the community. By exploring social and technological innovations, he aims to contribute to finding solutions to the challenges faced by society. Omid's collaborative approach to research allows him to expand his knowledge and strengthen his teamwork skills while also building valuable networks and social capital. For colleagues eager to engage in research, Omid emphasizes that applied research bridges the gap between theory and practice, ultimately improving the quality of teaching and making a positive impact.

To students curious about research, Omid encourages a systematic approach to topics and problems. Engaging in research can be both stimulating and demanding, but the positive outcomes resulting from your efforts serve as motivation to overcome any challenges. This empowering cycle can lead to the resolution of real-world societal issues. Omid extends his gratitude for the opportunity to conduct research at Canadore College. His hope is that together, through collaborative research efforts, we can enhance the college's positive impact on a broader scale.

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