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Meet our Student Researcher – Israa Sinan

Jan 11, 2024 | Research Centre

Israa Sinan Photo

Meet Israa Sinan, a passionate student of Functional Genomics and Clinical Consultation at Canadore College, who is currently working as a Student Research Assistant at the Canadore Research Centre. Originally from the Middle East, Israa now calls Kingston, ON, home. Her academic journey started with graduating as an Ontario Scholar from Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School in Milton, ON, in 2016. Since then, Israa has completed her B.Sc. in Life Science from Queen’s University and also pursued additional professional development courses in scientific journalism, academic writing, and editing.

Israa has found her experience at Canadore Research Centre to be rewarding. She emphasizes the importance of expanding her understanding of applied research, where practical solutions and ethical considerations play a crucial role. Israa values the opportunity to merge her technical knowledge with interpersonal skills, which are essential for successful collaboration in research.

Israa was motivated to join the Research Centre due to her passion for using her scientific knowledge to tackle real-world problems. Her goal was to make a meaningful contribution to finding innovative solutions while also learning more about effective communication, collaboration, and ethical considerations that are crucial to applied research. Reflecting on her experiences, Israa says to her fellow students “to embrace interdisciplinary collaboration and the importance of consistent communication, especially when uncertainties arise during the research process.”

Israa has been involved with the Research Centre, which has given her the opportunity to explore the intricacies of applied research. She has participated in a number of medical field research projects and has been able to put her passion for Rare Disease Research into practice. This experience has equipped her with a wide range of skills that have enriched her understanding of scientific inquiry.

Israa highlights the dedication that is required for research work. She emphasizes “the significance of having a deep interest in the subject matter” and encourages young researchers to stay committed despite facing challenges. Israa also conveys that “there are ample resources available to help navigate through the complexities of the research process.” Furthermore, she emphasizes that “not finding anything meaningful is still a valuable discovery in itself.”

Israa has refined her research skills at the Research Centre, where she has learned to approach research as an iterative process. This skill is crucial for creating effective interventions that are based on feedback and real-world outcomes. Israa is confident that this experience will be a valuable asset to her future career aspirations, as it has provided her with a unique perspective on research methodology and intervention development.