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Meet Our Student Researcher - Sandhiya Chandiran

Jul 8, 2024 | Research Centre

Sandhiya Chandiran Photo

Sandhiya Chandiran is an inspiring individual and the first graduate within her family. From her start in law to her current role at Canadore College's Research Centre, Sandhiya's journey showcases her commitment to learning, growth, and making a positive impact. Sandhiya began her academic journey at Dr. Ambedkar Government Law College in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, where she pursued a Bachelor of Arts and Law. Her dedication and hard work led to her passing the Bar exam in 2019, after which she became a full-time practitioner at the Madras High Court.

After getting married, Sandhiya's husband encouraged her to further her education, leading her to obtain a master’s in law with a specialization in Corporate and Commercial Law in 2022. Her drive to excel in a competitive work environment led her to a position as a Legal Manager in a private company, where she managed legal compliance and played a key role in business growth. Motivated by her interest in business, Sandhiya chose Canada to enhance her skills. She decided to join the Entrepreneurship Management program at Canadore College, attracted by its comprehensive curriculum and inclusive approach toward international students.

Being part of the Research Team at Canadore College has been a profoundly rewarding experience for Sandhiya. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work on innovative and impactful projects such as "Social Robots" and to collaborate with a diverse group of individuals. Sandhiya shared, "I gained a theoretical perspective of research by holding a master's degree, but the Research Centre provided me the chance to collect data through interviews, surveys, and observation. Tracking the process and focusing on group work has greatly enhanced my research understanding."

Sandhiya encourages future students to seize the opportunities around them and continuously seek to learn new skills. "Once a student, always a student," she emphasized. She believes that students should engage in Research & Development to create societal impacts through innovation. "Always ask questions to get to the right answer, but remember, there’s no right or wrong answer in research. It’s all about perspective with a rationale."

Through her work at the Research Centre, Sandhiya has acquired advanced research skills and real-time data analysis techniques. This experience has not only reinforced her leadership abilities but also enhanced her soft skills, contributing significantly to her professional and personal growth. "Working with the Research Centre has equipped me with invaluable skills for my career," she remarked.