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Meet Our Student Researcher - Sheryl Marina Bastian

May 7, 2024 | Research Centre

Sheryl Marina Bastian Photo

Sheryl Marina Bastian's journey as a student researcher began with a rich blend of international experiences. Raised in Doha, Qatar, Sheryl completed high school and is looking to pursue further education in the Sciences. As a result, she pursued her Bachelor's and Master's in Genetics from Osmania University in India. This year, Sheryl is graduating from the Postgraduate Certificate program in Functional Genomics and Clinical Consultation at Canadore College. Her commitment to advancing genetic knowledge across various work platforms has led to notable achievements, including publications and recognition from her colleagues.

Sheryl has a deep passion for education and mentorship and aspires to become a professor, nurturing the next generation of researchers and scientists. Her journey reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to making a meaningful impact in genetics.

As a Student Research Assistant at Canadore Research Centre, Sheryl found the most rewarding aspect to be "the opportunity to contribute to innovative projects, collaborate with esteemed faculty, and make tangible strides in her field." The role allowed her to explore ideas and creativity without constraints.

For Sheryl, an international student, this position marked her first work experience in Canada within her field. The experience proved invaluable, equipping her with essential skills and preparing her for future opportunities. The supportive team also provided a sense of belonging, offering her a comforting sense of home away from home."

Sheryl's interest in joining the Research Centre stemmed from her desire to gain an early foothold in her area of interest and immerse herself in Canadian research culture. She was keen to contribute to ongoing projects. She hoped to acquire knowledge of Canadian research practices, enhance her skills in genomics research, and explore potential avenues for further studies or employment.

After being involved with the Research Centre, Sheryl advises other students "to not hold back in an empowering workspace like the Research Centre." She encourages them "to seize the opportunity and soar to new heights." While a student research assistant at Canadore, Sheryl learned that "Applied Research involves collaborative efforts between academia and industry partners to address real-world problems." She previously underestimated the practicality of Applied Research and its associated outcomes, focusing on generating measurable impacts for society and the economy.

Sheryl wishes students to understand that "perfection isn't a requirement in research." She emphasizes that "it is a journey marked by hard work, constantly updating knowledge, overcoming setbacks, and never forgetting the ultimate goal of helping make a positive impact in society."

By working with the Research Centre, Sheryl refined her collaboration, organizational, scientific writing, and perseverance skills. She gained a deeper understanding of research dynamics and acquired priceless insights into real-world applications, such as food sustainability and wastewater management, through genomics. These skills were instrumental in securing her admission to the PhD program at the University of Manitoba. Congratulations, Sheryl, on your success!