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New signage celebrates campus diversity and beauty

Sep 1, 2023 | Vanessa Tignanelli, Storyteller & Content Creator

Canadore College is excited to introduce a new splash of colour on our College Drive campus building! 

For the past seven years, the bridge that connects C-Wing and D-Wing has flaunted the “Great Things Happen Here” signage in its signature red.

“The original signage was faded and peeling, and it was time for an update,” explains Josh Willard, Manager of Marketing and Recruitment. “It was important to us that we go with something that not only represented Canadore, but also our diverse student population, our sustainability goals, and our campus environment.”

The new signage is an elegant design bursting with reds, yellows, blues, and greens. Colours were pulled from International and Indigenous celebratory days and ceremonies, as well as the nature surrounding our beautiful campus. With an organic design combining elements that represent the four seasons, the goal is to bring the outdoors inside our school walls.

Anthony Ricciuti, the designer behind the new banner and part of the Canadore Marketing team says, "The colours and movement in the composition are inspired by the beautiful environment surrounding campus. The design makes our architecture stand out while blending with the landscape. We are excited to see the bridge transform and inspire viewers with every season that cycles through.”

Northern Ontario is seeing a push for public artwork and murals to help brighten our cities – see the work that Up Here in Sudbury or Creative Industries in North Bay is undertaking.

This banner is just one way that Canadore plans to support initiatives that make our city a more colourful place. Public art is proven to improve the mental health of our students and community, as well as make our campus a more attractive place to visit.

“The new sign will pair nicely with existing campus infrastructure and future projects," continues Josh. "Plans are in motion to incorporate Indigenous art on our campus exterior, and we wanted this to pair well with what these artists are working on.” 

Through creative projects such as this, Canadore College will continue to adorn itself with imagery that better represents the bright, inclusive campus that we are. Installation of the new banner concludes next week – be sure to check it out! 

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