Canadore ACT

Assessment and Care Team

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Who We Are:

As a team, we support a safe campus environment by evaluating and responding to potential threats. We support the well-being of students, employees and the entire college community. 

The team is comprised of members from:

  • Academic
  • First Peoples' Centre
  • Health, Safety and Environmental
  • Residence
  • Security
  • Student Services

Canadore College has formed a multi-disciplinary violence, risk and threat assessment team, which will function as a group evaluative tool to review and assess behaviors of individuals that may be perceived by the college community as concerning, violent and/or behaviors that pose a potential risk to others. 

This team will provide a forum for identifying, and providing an ongoing review of individual behaviors that are perceived to be of a concerning nature.  The team is designed, in its membership, to cover a diverse cross section of the college community, which will collect and comment on the information presented regarding the behaviors of individuals identified, and through review will determine action plans on managing these behaviors in a proactive manner.  These action plans will include the implementation of related policies and procedures and identifying potential risks to college community and business operations, and mitigate the risks.   

Behavioural Incident Report