• Mariah Boehk* – Helen (Guest Artist)

    Mariah Boehk is a graduate of the Acting for Stage and Screen program at Canadore College, currently residing in North Bay, Ontario.

    Mariah has appeared as Olga in the Northern Ontario premier of Orphans For The Czar by George F. Walker, Viola in Twelfth Night, and Sandy in Grease. In the summer of 2021, Mariah, along with six peers, conceptualized, wrote, produced and performed the One-Act play I Am Ursus as a part of the 2021 On The Edge Fringe summer student program. This past summer Mariah appeared alongside her graduating class to preform the classic comedy, Check Please as part of the On The Edge Fringe 2022 Festival, winning Best Of Fringe: Audience Choice. Mariah’s most recent project was appearing as Kathy Jackson in Leaving Home as part of Gateway Theatre Guild’s 2022 season. Mariah will also appear in the upcoming feature film Bloody Hell.

  • Carmen Colby – Carol Wyman

    From Peterborough, Ontario, Carmen Colby graduated with a Specialist High Skills Major certificate before enrolling in Canadore’s Acting for Stage and Screen Program. She is currently finishing her final semester.

    Carmen has appeared as Private Andrews in Much Ado About Nothing, Eurydice in Eurydice, Irina Prozorov in Three Sisters, as well as Gertrude in Hamlet.

    Carmen plans to audition and find roles in film and television.

  • Dylan Fortier – Val Skolsky

    Dylan Fortier is in his last semester as a student in the Acting for Stage and Screen Program at Canadore College.

    He appeared in scene study performances of Beauty and the Beast as Gaston, as Claudius in Hamlet, and he was a member of the chorus in Mama Mia!, Mary Poppins, and Footloose.

    Born in Brockville, Ontario, Dylan grew up in Prescott, Ontario. After graduation, he is thinking of staying in North Bay unless job opportunities in other cities come his way.

  • Adam McElmon – Max Prince

    A current resident of North Bay, Adam McElmon is an upcoming graduate of the Acting for Stage and Screen Program at Canadore College.

    He has tapped into roles such as Laertes in Hamlet, Natasha in Three Sisters, Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast, and the King of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland.

    Adam’s post-graduation goal is to continue his work in theatre, film, and other active roles in the arts.

  • Brenyn-Lee Marcoux – Brian Doyle

    Brenyn-Lee Marcoux is a student in the Acting for Stage and Screen Program at Canadore College. Currently living in North Bay, he will soon be moving to Toronto.

    While studying at Canadore, his credits include Bill ”The Rat Bastard” Slank in Peter and the Starcatcher, a member of the Bye Bye Birdie ensemble, and Cannibal King in Side Show.  Brenyn-Lee also has acted in workshops as part of his training. These include roles such as Vershinin in Three Sisters, the title role in Hamlet, and Maurice in the musical Beauty and the Beast.

    Brenyn-Lee, alongside four others, and with the help of director Tristan Watts, put on an improv show called Attainable Goals this past summer as part of North Bay’s 2022 On The Edge Fringe Festival. Brenyn-Lee aspires to act in more movies after graduating from Canadore College.

  • Cody Parkes – Lucas Brickman

    Cody Parkes is a graduate of Canadore College‘s Acting for Stage and Screen Program. He currently lives in Hamilton.

    While at Canadore, Cody appeared as Marcellus in the College’s 2022 workshop of Hamlet, as Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast, the Baron in Three Sisters, and the Child and Loud Stone in Eurydice.

    Cody appeared in two student films in 2022 at Canadore College. He played Jason in Falling in Love and Bob in It's My Party.

    He has also performed in several productions at Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton. These include roles as Niko in Legally Blonde in 2019, as King George in Hamilton in the 2018 Triple Threat Program, and as The Squip and Jeremy in Be More Chill in 2017.

  • Ethan Toner – Ira Stone

    During his time as a student in the Acting for Stage and Screen Program at Canadore College, Ethan Toner was given the opportunity to grow and develop his acting abilities with a variety of roles. These include Hamlet, Gertrude, and the Ghost in Hamlet; The Beast in Beauty and the Beast; Chebutykin in Three Sisters; Lord Goring in An Ideal Husband; Orpheus/Little Stone in Eurydice; Felix in The Odd Couple; and Eric in Dreaming and Duelling.

    Ethan has also worked alongside Canadore students and alumni from the Digital Cinematography program on various short films and other projects.

    Over the years, Ethan has participated in several community productions including Harry in Mamma Mia! and Baron Bomburst in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  

    In the summer of 2022, Ethan appeared in North Bay’s On The Edge Fringe Festival in a production of the comedy classic, Check Please. The production won the Audience Choice Award.

    Currently living in North Bay, Ethan will be studying overseas after graduating from Canadore. To advance his education in the dramatic arts, he will be attending the Atlantic Institute of Technology in Sligo, Ireland, in the Acting for Stage and Screen Program.

  • Ryan Webster – Milt Fields

    Ryan Webster is a student currently in his final year of the Acting for Stage and Screen Program at Canadore College, currently residing in Renfrew, Ontario.

    Ryan has appeared as The Sweeper in The Life and Death of Almost Everybody, Lumiere/The Narrator in Beauty and The Beast, Snoopy in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, and Dan in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Ryan has also performed in a variety of theatre scene study workshops, including Horatio in Hamlet, Kulygin in The Three Sisters, and Orpheus/Little Stone in Eurydice.

    Ryan is also interested in the voice-over field, having worked on various small independent projects over the last couple of years. 

    Although Ryan wants to focus on voice-over work, he is open to all types of work in the field, but is planning to find various related Theatre, Film and Voice-Over work either in his local area, or in Ottawa, Ontario.

  • Daymon Wrightly – Kenny Franks

    A resident of North Bay, Daymon Wrightly is a bilingual student in his final year of the Acting for Stage and Screen Program at Canadore College.

    He has appeared in several musical theatre productions including Annie, Mamma Mia!, and Beauty and The Beast. Daymon has had the opportunity to play roles such as Polonius in a scene study of Hamlet, and has a writing and producing credit on the 2022 collective creation Attainable Goals for North Bay’s On The Edge Fringe Festival.

    After graduating, Daymon plans on a career in film, and stage acting in plays and musical theatre.