• Jacqueline Blaikie – Mary Shelley

    Jacqueline Blaikie is a Canadian actor, singer, and voice over artist who grew up in Burlington, Ontario.

    She went to Sheridan College in the Performance Preparation program before coming to Canadore, where she received the Vickers Family Acting for Stage and Screen Scholarship, and the North Bay Film Bursary.

    Jacqueline has performed on the David Fox Stage and during this time she played the characters of Dee Dee Allen in The Prom, Rosa Mundi in Concord Floral, and Duncan in Macbeth. She has also explored Bug in Mustard, Nora in A Doll’s House, and has attended a voice over workshop held by Canadian voice actor, Ron Rubin. Jacqueline has taken singing lessons for classical and musical theatre styles.

    Moving forward, Jacqueline’s excited to venture out into the world and explore all that acting has to offer.

  • Dan Elders – Victor Frankenstein

    Dan Elders is an aspiring actor, voice actor, and singer from Garden River First Nation. Prior to attending Canadore College, Daniel played Isaac in the MHFA-FN video production by Red Roots Media. He proceeded to attend Canadore College in the Acting for Stage and Screen program.

    He played Torvald in A Doll’s House, Mustard in Mustard, John Cabot in Concord Floral, Tom Hawkins in The Prom, and Macbeth in Macbeth.

    Daniel has extensive vocal training and has been singing all his life. With this training, he has also discovered a passion and aptitude for voice acting. Daniel is very eager to begin his career and show what he has to offer the industry. He wants to make others question what they think they know, as well as inspire, intrigue, and make them come face to face with both the complexities and simplicities of the human mind, body, and soul.

  • Tristen Watts – The Creature

    Tristen Watts is an improv artist and actor who is committed to and excited by creative collaborations, new works, and the exploration of storytelling.

    He began studying improvisation in 2019. His training includes Second City. International training includes Bad Dog Theatre Company and The Nursery, working with individuals such as Ken Hall, Shanda Benzick, Nicole Passmore, and Kirsten Ramussen. In Canada, Tristen has competed in both Globehead and Top Dog. He also completed Bad Dog’s six-month advanced Thematic Studio Series.

    Tristen’s international credits include Improv College’s House Team, Cat Mead; The Nursery’s House Team, Tiny Dinos; and monoscenes with Jay Sukow, Aree Witoelar, and Jonathan Nguyen. Tristen has been a reoccurring guest playing multiple characters on What Am I Rolling, a TTRPG podcast. All of Tristen’s improv training paid off when he produced and directed his own improv show, Attainable Goals, at the On The Edge Fringe Festival. His show was a Narrative Armando format that he created and taught to his cast.

    Tristen is currently at Canadore College where he has had the opportunity to do over a dozen student films, his favourite roles being Quinton in Goatman, Reg in Jade, and Connie and Adam in Encapsuled. Canadore Theatre credits include The Green House in Concord Floral, Ross in Macbeth, and Kevin in The Prom.

    Tristen’s most recent credit is Essarts in the Three Muskateers with The Proscenium Club.

  • Sarah Larmand – Elizabeth Lavenza

    Sarah Larmand is a Canadian and queer actor born and raised in Penetanguishene, Ontario. She aspires to present her talents on the stage and screen.

    While studying at Canadore College, Sarah took part in a wide variety of performances on the David Fox Stage. Sarah’s stage credits include First Witch in Macbeth, Mrs. Greene in The Prom, Nearly Wild in Concord Floral, Nora in A Doll’s House, Sadie in Mustard, and Nora in Wrong for Each Other. Sarah also landed the lead role of Karly in a student film called Maple Hill.

    Her previous credits include Callie in Everyday Sinner, Narrator 1 in The Brothers Grimm, and Callie in The Fax That Started an Apocalypse, which received awards from the National Theatre School Festival.

    She has been trained in voice over, film acting, and stage acting, and she enjoys writing short stories and stage plays.

    Excited to jump into this fast-paced industry, Sarah’s family has encouraged her to pursue her passion for the arts and show the world what she is made of.

  • Samuel Laforge – Percy Shelley/ Alphonse Frankenstein

    Samuel Laforge is a French-Canadian actor, comedian, dancer, and singer who was born and raised in North Bay, Ontario. He’s inspired to dive into both film and stage to create the best work that he can.

    Samuel was the recipient of an acting scholarship by portraying Lumière in Beauty and the Beast and the Sultan in Aladdin. Samuel is trained in stage combat and rapier. He created, directed, and acted in a short film called pandÉmieSColAire. His favourite Canadore credits include Macduff in Macbeth, Mustard in Mustard, Nick in The Prom, and Rudy in Wrong for Each Other. Samuel’s most recent credit was as Jussac in The Three Muskateers with the Proscenium Club.

    Samuel is an award-winning athlete in baseball, basketball, hockey, and in improv. He’s also trained in hip-hop, sight reading, piano, and guitar. He is always ready to work and is excited for the future ahead. Samuel is a kid at heart.

    “Let’s play!”

  • Sylvia Geleta – Claire Claremont

    Sylvia Geleta is a Canadian actor and dancer born and raised in Brampton, Ontario. She is first-generation to Hungarian-Canadian parents.

    She received training in Acting for Stage and Screen at Canadore College under the guidance of Michelle Jackett, Joshua Bainbridge, Tracey Berti, and Maureen Cassidy. Sylvia performed on the David Fox Stage in the roles of Nearly Wild in Concord Floral; Shelby in the musical, The Prom; Lady Macbeth in Macbeth; and she took part in the short student film, Maple Hill. In scene study classes she was able to explore characters such as Nora from A Doll’s House, and Thai in Mustard. One of Sylvia’s past favourite works has been Neil Simon’s play, The Fools, portraying Sophia Zubrisky.

    Sylvia has trained at the City of Brampton School of Dance in ballet, lyrical, and jazz. With her love of performing, Sylvia can’t wait to inspire others through her art of storytelling, both on stage and in front of the camera.

  • Beca Dommar – Justine Moritz

    Beca Dommar is a versatile triple threat artist who grew up in Jalisco, Mexico. While in her hometown she studied at the National Institution of Fine Arts and Literature. She moved to Canada at the age of 19 to take Acting for Stage and Screen at Canadore College, eager to represent Latin American culture internationally.

    She has experience in both theatre and film, interpreting roles like Alyssa Greene in The Prom, Bobby in Concord Floral, Second Witch in Macbeth, and Leslie in Mustard on the David Fox Stage. Her international credits include Poncia in La Casa de Bernarda Alba, Angelique in El Enfermo Imaginario, Chremes in La Asamblea de las Mujeres, and Ce in Delgadina y la Reina su Madrina. Beca has been featured in short films such as You’ll Always Have Me, Void Matching, Vuelo, and Si supieran.

    Beca has extensive training in contemporary dance, jazz, ballet, and Mexican folklore dance. Beca works passionately every day knowing that art is the way we truly meet each other’s souls.

    “I’ve come to cherish the magic of stage and screen, where my heartstrings resonate with strangers in the dark.”

  • Mitchell Sutherland – Henry Clerval

    Mitchell Sutherland is a Canadian actor, dancer, singer, writer, and director born in Kingston, Ontario, and raised in Moose Factory, Ontario. Mitchell will be graduating from the Acting for Stage and Screen program at Canadore College in April.

    Some of Mitchell’s favourite Theatre Canadore credits include Jay and Mustard in Mustard; 2/The Bobolink in Concord Floral; Sheldon in the musical, The Prom; and Banquo in Macbeth.

    Eager to enter the world of acting, whether on the stage or in films, Mitchell is excited to learn and grow as an artist and capture the imaginations of people who watch and work with him.

  • Destiny Jacques – Captain Walton

    Destiny Jacques is a bilingual, Indigenous, Canadian artist born and raised in Blind River, Ontario. She is also an accomplished singer-songwriter and musician.

    Some of Destiny’s favourite stage credits are Stinkin Thinkin, a community play directed by François Lemieux. The play brought awareness to disabilities and bullying, and taught Destiny how theatre can positively affect and engage a community. In The Rivers Speak she played Water, a very unique and beautifully important role where she got to work with Thinking Rock Community Arts artistic director Miranda Bouchard and Jumblies Theatre founder Ruth Howard.

    Destiny received her training in the Acting for Stage and Screen program at Canadore College. Her favourite Canadore credits on the David Fox Stage include Thai in Mustard, Irene in Concord Floral, Kaylee in TheProm, Nora in A Doll’s House, Jenny in Chapter Two, and Third Witch in Macbeth.

    “I know it’s my fate to create art in this world.”

  • Charlie Camrass – Professor Waldman

    Debuting in Life in Kitchener, Ontario, Charlie Camrass is a Canadian actor, singer, writer, and comedian. A storyteller at heart, both on camera and on stage, their main goal is to leave the audience with something to ponder and chew on.

    During their early acting career, Charlie participated in multiple stage productions of the Growing in the Arts company, directed by Yale University Director S.S. ’19, Gita Schuster-Ashley. They portrayed the roles of Queen Elizabeth in Bill and Ted, Grandma Muriel in Superfudgemania, Miss Takendiagnosis in Captain Underpants, and Birdie in Nobody to Murder. They also participated in the company’s acting troupe, Gita’s Girls, which won two Kiwanis Festivals. At Huron Heights Secondary School, they portrayed Lady Montague in Romeo and Juliet, Goodie Hobbs in The Salem Witch Trials, Barbara in Orange is the New Glass, and Angelica in The Cotton Mill Girls, all of which have earned them two awards of theatre excellence. During their time in the Canadore College theatre program, they portrayed The Fox in Concord Floral, Olive in The Female Odd Couple, Emma in The Prom, and Fleance in Macbeth.

    Holding neurodivergent and queer values and hopes in hand, Charlie is excited to share what they have to offer.

  • Matthew Locking – Professor Krempe

    Matthew Locking is a Canadian actor raised in Ottawa, Ontario. Some of his Ottawa credits include Linus in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown; Wickersham Brothers in Seussical; Prince/Bookseller in Beauty and the Beast; and Fester in The Addams Family, for which he was nominated for a Canada’s Capital Cappie Award. Matthew also received a scholarship from his high school’s drama department upon graduation.

    Currently enrolled in Canadore College’s Acting for Stage and Screen program, Matthew has had the opportunity to perform on the David Fox Stage. His Theatre Canadore credits include Trent Oliver in The Prom, Leslie in Mustard, Joey in Concord Floral, and Duncan in Macbeth. He has also explored the role of Nils Krogstad in A Doll’s House and Eugene in Brighton Beach Memoirs.

    Matthew is trained in singing, voice over, and narration techniques. He desires to grow as both an artist and as a human being, and is always eager to learn new skills to improve his craft and help further his career.

  • Asia-Solange – Louisa

    Asia-Solange is a Canadian actor born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. She wants to share her love for acting—both on stage and on screen—with as many people as she can, while never letting go of her one main goal in life—to be kind to all.

    During her time at Canadore College, Asia-Solange performed in many different shows on the David Fox Stage. Her favourite roles include Sadie in Mustard, Shelby in The Prom, Rosa in Concord Floral and Lady Macduff in Macbeth. Prior to her studies at Canadore, she performed at Westgate CVI as Donna in Check Please, Serena in Alienated, and Mrs. Turner in We Wish You a Merry Spendmas. Asia-Solange also completed an internship at Magnus Theatre in Thunder Bay.

    As a Métis woman, she wants to share and educate people with her love and knowledge of her culture and make the world a more inclusive and loving place for everyone.

  • Robert Stahlmann – Grigori

    Robbie Stahlmann is a Canadian actor and singer from Anten Mills, Ontario. In high school, Robbie learned the art behind the camera, earning his red seal in broadcasting. Robbie has a passion for music, and performed in vocal groups at community charity events while pursuing his love of the stage.

    Some of Robbie’s favourite theatre credits include Not Dead Fred and Prince Herbert in Spamalot.

    During his time in the Acting for Stage and Screen program at Canadore College, Robbie portrayed such roles as Lennox in Macbeth, the Ghost in The Bus Stops Here, and he was also a member of the ensemble in The Prom.

    Robbie Stahlmann is eager to start the next chapter of his career and grow as an emerging artist.

  • Bailee Harvie – De Lacey

    Bailee Harvie is a young neurodivergent Canadian actress who was born in Barrie, Ontario, and raised in a small northern Ontario town.

    Bailee studied Acting for Stage and Screen at Canadore College. Program performances were held on the David Fox Stage. College acting scenes include Nora in A Doll’s House and Mary in The Melville Boys.

    Bailee feels that “The best performance comes from the passion within.”