School of Trades and Technology

Mechanical Techniques – Plumbing

28 weeks Ontario College Certificate

Train in Canadore's combined 1.800 sq. ft. plumbing labs


Get the skills you need in Canadore’s plumbing labs, which are set up to simulate multi-levels of an actual residence and equipped with industry-specific tools. Individually and in teams, students have the opportunity to build residential and commercial plumbing systems, install fixtures and test all systems. You will gain a variety of trade-specific skills, including installing, maintaining and repairing piping systems, soldering, and heating and hot water systems.

Note: The program objectives have been designed to reflect the outcomes of the Basic Level Plumbing Apprenticeship program.

Your Future Career

  • Building maintenance
  • Construction
  • Industrial firms
  • Residential plumbing

What You Learn

  • Plumbing theory and practice
  • Trades calculations
  • Trade specific materials and tools
  • Installation
  • Personal finance
  • Blueprint reading
  • Ontario Plumbing Code

OSSD or equivalent, ENG4C or ENG4U

Semester 1

PLB 100 Plumbing Theory I (7 weeks)
PLB 105 Plumbing Practice I (7 weeks)
PLB 102 Plumbing Theory II ( 7 weeks)
PLB 106 Plumbing Practice II (7 weeks)
MTH 108 Trades Calculations
CMM 125 College Communication I

Semester 2

PLB 200 Plumbing Theory III
PLB 205 Plumbing Practice III
PLB 210 Blueprint Reading
PFN 100 Personal Finance
Year Tuition Ancillary Fees Material Fee Trip Fee Total
1 2849.02 $1055 - - $3904.02

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You will also need:

  • CSA Work Boots - apx. $150.00
  • Approved Safety Glasses - apx. $11.00
  • Coveralls - apx. $5.00-43.00
  • Tape Measure - apx. $5.00-50.00
Ontario College Certificate

Learning outcomes represent culminating demonstrations of learning and achievement. In addition, learning outcomes are interrelated and cannot be viewed in isolation of one another. As such, they should be viewed as a comprehensive whole. They describe performances that demonstrate that significant integrated learning by graduates of the program has been achieved.

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