Student Housing - Parry Sound

The Canadore Home Share Program is designed to help diversify housing options for students. The program is designed to collect information from both parties, and make a preliminary match based on preferences and living habits. With this program, landlords can rent out spare rooms in their home and generate income while also providing a valuable service to students in need of housing.

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Off Campus Housing

For off campus housing Canadore College is partnered with Places4Students.. Places4Students hosts a real-time database that showcases diverse housing options student housing vacancies in the area, complete with detailed photos, descriptive text, contact information, and property features.

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Student Rental Guide

Finding the perfect place to live off-campus can be an exciting yet challenging task. Whether you're a new student or a returning one, this webpage contains numerous tips and valuable insights to help you navigate the rental market in North Bay and Parry Sound to secure comfortable and suitable living arrangement.

Here are some tips to help you start your search for off-campus housing rentals

Other Resources

You can also use other online resources such as, Facebook Marketplace, and Kijiji.

Parry Sound By-Law

When you rent a unit, it's important to familiarize yourself with the bylaws of the property or complex to understand what is expected of you as a tenant. By following these rules, you can avoid potential conflicts with neighbors, property management, or other tenants, and maintain a positive living experience for yourself and others.

Parry Sound By-Law

Town of Parry Sound

The Town of Parry Sound’s official website serves as a valuable resource, providing access to a wide range of community engagement and support services tailored to meet your specific needs. You can stay informed about the town with updates on community events, emergency services, waste management, news, recreational opportunities, and social services. Experience the warmth and inclusiveness of Parry Sound and embark on an exciting journey of exploration by utilizing their user-friendly website to uncover the treasures that Parry Sound has to offer.

Town of Parry Sound