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The Queen's Visit - Researching the Past 50 Years at Canadore College

Jun 26, 2017 | Krystal Guy, Student

One of the items that have been lent to Canadore College for our collection of archives is a small binder detailing the Royal Visit of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh in June of 1997. I thought it would be complimentary to our collection to also have photos of the Royal Visit, and when I was looking through the archives in the library I made a point of searching them out. I ended up coming across three folders which included the photos I had been searching for, as well as other documents I had not even considered would be present. I found everything from itineraries, menus, and receipts for floral arrangements to registered lists for both the staff that would be running the function as well as guests, employees and students that would be present. The amount of detail that went into planning the Royal Visit is amazing!


You can still find me searching through the archives!

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