Meet the iCanLead Team

  • Jessica Crook - CSC President

    My name is Jessica Crook, and I am a third-year student at Canadore College in the Post Graduate Environmental Management program and a graduate of the Environmental Technician program. I am also the CSC President and the Sustainability Club president.  I am an avid outdoor enthusiast, and I am driven to not only live a sustainable lifestyle myself but also teach others how they can do the same.
  • Alex Mathew - CSC VP of Operations

    Hello everyone, my name is Alex Mathew. I am pursuing a diploma in Avionics Maintenance at Canadore College, and I am Vice President - Operations of Canadore Students' Council. This is a big responsibility to understand and work with your fellow mates. iCan Lead has helped me to be a good leader and enhance the essential qualities that a leader should have. I feel that it is an amazing platform for students to learn the qualities that a leader should have.

  • Zacharie Lebel - CSC VP of Student Life

    Hello Canadore, my name is Zacharie Lebel, don't be shy to call me Zach as I prefer it. I am from Temiscaming, Quebec and I am fluent in both English and French. I love music, video games and socializing. I can’t wait to help the Sustainable Canadore project and learn how to be a better leader.

    Bonjour Canadore, je m'appelle Zacharie Lebel, mais n'hésitez pas à m'appeler Zach comme je le préfère. Je viens de Témiscaming, Québec et je parle couramment l'anglais et le français. J’aime la musique, les jeux vidéo et socialiser. J’ai très hâte d’aider le projet Sustainable Canadore et d’apprendre à être un meilleur leader.

  • Dakota Hamilton - CSC, College Drive Representative

    Hi there! My name is Dakota, and I was born in Alberta, but I grew up in a town just south of North Bay called Huntsville. I am in my second year of the Mental Health and Addiction Worker program and will graduate in June. Some of my interests include traveling, reading, and tattoos. As the College Drive Student Representative, I hope students will feel comfortable coming to me with questions or concerns. I also want to be able to represent the College in a professional way, to gain better networking skills and connect with others in a meaningful way.

  • Chinmay Patel – CSC, Commerce Court Representative

    My name is Chinmay, and I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

    I am an academically sound, Project Management student who is adventurous and enjoys outdoor sports and activities! I have a great desire to learn new languages ​​and cultures and is always joyful! Together, let's improve the quality of life for students on each campus, remove obstacles to learning, and make transitions and fun activities effortless!

  • Sameer Al-Jabawi

    My name is Sameer Al-Jabawi. I am from Syria, and I am studying Mechanical Engineering Technology. I am part of the iCAN student leadership team as well. I enjoy writing, playing football, traveling, and exploring historical sites. Through my previous volunteer experiences with organizations like UNHCR, I have found that volunteering is a way to both develop expertise and contribute to societal rejuvenation. I look forward to being on the team this year. By working together and sharing experiences, we can have a wonderful experience and achieve our goals.

  • Ishmael Van Der Rassel

    My name is Ish. I am a first-year student at Canadore College, and I am studying Office Administration. I have many years of involvement within the community, such as serving as the Youth Representative on the North Bay Métis Council, where I had the responsibility of engaging Métis youth within the region, on who Métis people are and the history of the culture.

    I have also had the pleasure of working as a communications assistant on a local project committee, that involved the creation of the first ever Métis time capsule to preserve the Métis culture, and history for future generations to come.

    I look forward to getting involved within the Canadore community and being part of a dynamic team in the iCanLead Team.

  • Gursharan Kaur

    Hey! This is Gursharan Kaur, and I'm a proud member of the iCan Lead team. I joined this team with the hope of becoming a better leader and making a positive impact on the communities around me. I'm a firm believer that we all have the potential to grow and bring about meaningful change, and that spurs me day in and day out.

  • Ivjot Singh

    Hello everyone, Ivjot Singh this side. I am studying Aviation Technician- Avionics Maintenance course at Canadore college aviation campus. Being an aviation student there are certain amount of leadership skills that are needed to excel in the field, and I am also pretty passionate in taking managerial roles therefore, I wanted to join iCanLead Leadership program as it offers the knowledge and skills I needed to obtain better understanding of how a leader can do great things with the team.
  • Lise Paxton - Student Government Coordinator & iCanLead Student Leadership Team Advisor

    Hello, my name is Lise Paxton and I am the Student Government Coordinator and iCan Lead Student Leadership Team Advisor here at Canadore.

    I truly enjoy working alongside our students and watching them flourish in their roles as student leaders, as they create positive change within the campus and our community.

    It is incumbent upon each of us as global citizens to help protect our planet and I am a firm believer that one small change can create a ripple effect. If we each do our part in terms of responsible consumption and helping divert waste from our landfills, we can all be positive change leaders.

  • Kim Hamilton – Office Assistant Student Government, Activities & Leadership

    I am the CSC Office Assistant, and I also help with the iCanLead Team. I am also a Registered Social Service Worker. I can most often be found at my desk in The Welcome Centre. I love interacting with, and supporting the students, while they learn, grow and succeed in attaining their educational and personal goals.