Verified by Synergy Gateway – Electronic Requirements Verification

Verified by Synergy Gateway – Electronic Requirements Verification

Canadore College has partnered with Synergy Gateway Inc. to provide secure document handling and Electronic Requirements Verification services for select programs.

Access your Verified Account here:

Important Information

  • To determine whether your program requires you to use Verified, go to the Placement webpage and review your program-specific information. Here you will also find a link to deadlines for your non-academic requirements, and information on how to obtain your requirements.
  • Always keep your original documents after uploading to Verified. Some placement host agencies require physical copies. Keep these documents in a folder or binder for easy access.
  • All costs associated with obtaining your non-academic requirements and clearance status are the sole responsibility of the student. This includes all fees to Verified for obtaining and maintaining clearance, and all fees associated with obtaining the requisite clearance requirements (e.g., VSC, Canadore Student Health Form, CPR, etc.).

  1. Access your Account

    Your Verified login information will be sent to your email address with which you registered once you are registered in your program. Watch your email for a notice from Verified by Synergy Gateway after you have registered to set up your account. This may take a couple days. If you are having difficulties accessing your login, please contact Synergy at Verified | Knowledge Base ( and submit a Ticket. If you cannot locate this information in your general inbox, then please check your junk/spam or ‘other’ folder prior to contacting Verified.

    Your account will be active until you complete your program.

  2. Upload your Non-Academic Requirements

    Review your program’s Non-Academic Requirements (NARs) Package located on the Placement webpage under your program of study, and be sure to carefully review your program-specific requirements and deadlines to ensure that you obtain the necessary requirements to achieve compliance on time. Start uploading your non-academic requirements to your Verified account as they are ready. You’ll be able to see what has been submitted and what is still required for submission. You can go in and out as often as you want/need to get all your non-academic requirements uploaded.

  3. Review your Account for Completion

    You are strongly encouraged to carefully review your non-academic requirements and deadlines, and ensure that everything is in order prior to booking your Electronic Requirements Verification review. If there are outstanding documents at the time of your review that result in a ‘Failed’ status, you will be required to book another review which may result in further charges. All fees associated with Verified by Synergy Gateway are the responsibility of the student.

    Take careful note of when your documents expire. If your documents do not cover you for the entirety of your school year, you may be required to submit new ones, at your cost. You will be notified of any upcoming expiration of documents by email notification and on your profile page for Verified by Synergy Gateway once logged in.

  4. Book your Electronic Requirements Verification (ERV) Review

    Once you have ensured that all non-academic requirements have been completed and uploaded to your Verified account, you will book your ERV review on Verified. This notifies Verified by Synergy Gateway that your profile is ready for verification. Verified will not review your documents until you book your ERV review. Note that there are limited review appointments available in a day. You are highly encouraged to be proactive and get your requirements done early.

    You will NOT attend your ERV review in person or online – Verified will send you an email approximately 2 business days after your ERV review date and time with your result.

    To avoid paying additional review fees, ensure all of your documentation has been uploaded PRIOR to booking your ERV review. You can upload these documents at any time under your profile tab.

    You will not be permitted to proceed with your Placement course if you have not achieved clearance by the posted deadline. Please contact your Placement Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.

    ERV Review   $52.00 +HST
    No-Show   $52.00 +HST
    Follow-up Review  $10.00 +HST

  5. Take Note of your Result from your ERV Review

    Verified will send you an email after your ERV review date and time with your result. Allow 2 business days for Verified to process your information and make contact.

    If you receive a “pass” status message, your Placement Coordinator will see this status and ensure that you are included for placement allocations for your program. Take note of the clearance expiry date. If your clearance does not carry through your academic year, you will be required to resubmit non-academic requirements for any items that expire before the academic year is up. Failure to maintain your clearance throughout your placement period(s) will result in removal from placement which may prevent you from continuing in the program and result in further fees.

    If you receive a “fail” status message, contact your Placement Coordinator right away to advise them of the outcome and to seek guidance on rectifying the situation. Note that if you do not achieve a “pass” status message by the posted clearance deadline, you will not be permitted to proceed with your placement which may result in a delay in your progression in the program and lead to further fees and charges for tuition, etc.

About Verified by Synergy Gateway

Verified by Synergy Gateway is a leading document handling and electronic requirements verification service provider for post-secondary institutions across Canada. Canadore College has partnered with Verified by Synergy Gateway to provide students in certain programs with services that streamline the non-academic requirements clearance process while protecting users’ confidentiality. For more information, or to get help with this service, navigate to Verified | Knowledge Base ( or contact your Placement Coordinator.