Inclusive Leadership and Program Planning

14 weeks Course


Theories and practical aspects of becoming an effective leader are the focus for this course. Topics such as communication, group dynamics, behaviour management and conflict resolution provide knowledge and expertise that leaders use regularly. Students will lead and organize activities for a wide variety of populations.

OSSD or equivalent, ENG4C or ENG4U

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Learning outcomes represent culminating demonstrations of learning and achievement. In addition, learning outcomes are interrelated and cannot be viewed in isolation of one another. As such, they should be viewed as a comprehensive whole. They describe performances that demonstrate that significant integrated learning by graduates of the program has been achieved.

Program Vocational Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop, implement and evaluate inclusive recreation, leisure and wellness programs and events for individuals, groups and communities which respond to assessed needs, interests, abilities and that use available resources and incorporate best practices.
  2. Apply administrative and customer service skills to support the delivery of recreation, leisure and wellness programs, events and services.
  3. Analyze, develop and implement marketing strategies to reach diverse individuals, groups and communities for programs, events, services and facilities using current communication technologies.
  4. Contribute to the development of fiscally sustainable and responsible recreation, leisure and wellness programs, events and services using current and relevant principles and practices of business, finance and social entrepreneurship.
  5. Supervise, lead and support the development of staff and volunteers involved with recreation, leisure and wellness programs, events and services.
  6. Apply safety and accessibility practices to the efficient operation and administration of recreation and leisure facilities and settings.
  7. Promote the benefits and values of recreation, leisure and healthy active living and recommend inclusive programs, events and services to individuals and groups.
  8. Apply community development strategies which engage citizens and community partners while advocating for healthy communities.
  9. Develop strategies for ongoing personal and professional development as a recreation and leisure services professional.