An official transcript is a detailed record of your academic history at Canadore College that includes an authorized signature.

Canadore is using a new Canadian digital credential platform called MyCreds™ to issue academic documents electronically. MyCreds™ provides fast and easy access to request and send your transcripts and credentials to academic institutions, employers, government offices and more, anytime, anywhere.

How do I order my eTranscript?

Fill out a Transcript Request Form. Canadore College will process the request and you will be sent an email letting you know when it is available.

Fees and Payment

There is a $12.00 plus tax charge for each official transcript requested or shared. The transcript fee can be paid by credit card online on MyCreds™. Should you owe fees or fines, transcript service will not be provided.

My Creds Announcement

Benefits of using MyCreds™

The benefits to students and graduates are enormous. Not only does an individual have stronger control over who their documents are shared with, documents issued through the network are authentic, tamper-evident, and legally valid. Additionally, it will eliminate the time in processing your request, the time frame in mailing and the potential of lost documents. MyCreds™ puts you in the driver’s seat by providing you with 24/7 access to those documents.

Looking for Assistance?

Please direct all enquiries regarding MyCreds™ to This includes any questions related to fees, refunds, and functionality of the system. The Admissions team is best positioned to respond to your needs.

About MyCreds™

MyCreds is owned by the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC). It is a national credential wallet for post-secondary learners that has been created by Canadian higher education leadership. It represents an example of how ARUCC and Canadian colleges, institutes, and universities are committed to ensuring official and secure document exchange and adhering to the Groningen Declaration Network (GDN) principles, which emphasize, “Citizens worldwide should be able to consult and share their authentic educational data with whomever they want, whenever they want, wherever.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An official transcript is a complete record of a student’s academic history at Canadore College, including all courses taken, grades earned, academic progress, honours and graduation information. All official transcripts are complete; partial transcripts are not issued.

All official transcripts have been converted to a digital format and will be sent to your digital wallet in MyCreds™.

When shared through the MyCreds™ platform, the official transcript (e-transcript) is authentic, tamper-evident and legally valid. Documents issued through MyCreds™ contain digital signatures that meet the legal requirements of certified digital documents in countries around the world. When you share your documents with third parties through the MyCreds™ portal, these digital signatures ensure their authenticity.

All purchases made within MyCreds™ will require your residential address and your billing address associated with your payment card to meet Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requirements. Your billing address postal code must match the postal code associated with your bank’s payment card, otherwise your payment will be rejected.

The cost for each e-transcript share credit is $12 plus tax. Transcript fees are charged in Canadian dollars (CAD) and can be paid by any card the payment system accepts, including Visa and MasterCard. Payment is non-refundable.

Your e-transcript is not available for download from the Documents Page in your MyCreds™ Learner portal. This is one of the ways that the Office of the Registrar ensures the integrity of academic records for employers, government authorities and other verifiers. When you share the document with a third-party recipient directly through the MyCreds™ platform, the recipient is able to verify with Canadore that the document is authentic and current, and will have access to the transcript in PDF format which they will be able to download and retain for their record-keeping purposes.

As a learner, if you need a copy of your official transcript for your own records, simply share the document with yourself by entering your own email address. This will then allow you to access and download the PDF.

E-transcript orders are processed and transmitted from Canadore to MyCreds™ daily; however, due to volume of requests, it can take up to 10 business days for your request to be processed.

You will receive an email notification from MyCreds™ once your e-transcripts are available for you to share. Don’t forget to check your junk mail box if you don’t see a message from MyCreds™.

If you have a hold on your account that restricts you from receiving a transcript, your transcript will not be issued until the balance and/or other obligations have been cleared to the satisfaction of the college.

Please see the MyCreds™ Verifier FAQs.