Housing for Canadore Students

Student Housing Information – Fall 2024

We are looking forward to seeing you on campus this Fall! Now is the time when you should be searching for and securing your housing for your upcoming study.

Most programs will require on campus presence this Fall 2024. Students are expected to be present on their first day of class. Please review the Academic Delivery Plan for your specific program.

Please refer to the Housing webpage for information on searching for housing in North Bay or Parry Sound.

On this page, you will find helpful resources such as our on-campus residences, our off-campus housing listing site, and helpful tips to assist you in finding housing and avoiding rental scams.

You may also find housing options which can be sourced through online marketplaces and realtor listings.

It is important that you do not leave your search for accommodation to the last minute. Housing options fill up fast in our region, and you risk being left with expensive and very limited options as the term approaches. Each student is responsible for finding and securing their own housing.

IMPORTANT: At the time of registration, you will be required to attest that you have secured housing. If you have not secured housing, you will NOT be able to register.

On March 5, 2024 Canadore hosted a virtual session about living in Residence and how to secure off-campus housing. If you missed the session you can watch the replay.

Please continue to watch Canadore College social media channels for more information.

A few additional reminders as you prepare to arrive:

  1. Ensure you (or your agent) have uploaded a copy of your study permit/visa to the application portal in advance of registration, this is an important step in the registration process.
  2. Please ensure to only commit to housing or lease agreements if you are prepared to commit to the arrangements. Read financial terms and obligations carefully as you may incur financial penalties.
  3. Be aware of the potential of fraudulent housing scams and protect yourself by researching how to spot and avoid them.
  4. Download Canadore’s iCent app as soon as you are able. You will find important information for settlement using this resource.

We look forward to seeing you on campus!

Canadore Residence

Our apartment-style and townhouse residences accommodate 675 students, with each student having their own private bedroom.

Our furnished residence buildings offer full kitchens, three-piece bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, fitness, study and games rooms, laundry facilities, and easy to access transportation nearby. Hydro and other utilities are also included.

Learn more about Canadore Residence

Information for Landlords

Interested in becoming a landlord?

Learn more about Home Share and rental options

Now is the time where you should be searching for and securing your housing for your upcoming study!

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