Since 1972, Canadore College has been awarding scholarships to deserving students. Last year, Canadore College awarded 144 scholarships.

Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of academic excellence, attendance, and overall contribution to the classroom.

Scholarships open on November 1 and close on December 15, yearly. Selected recipients will be notified by email in March.

Applications are currently closed and will reopen on November 1.

Anonymous Donor
Any program
To a student with a minimum GPA of 3.0; must abide by the Panther Athletics Team Member Agreement Policy and have participated in one of the two semester sports

Assante Capital Management Ltd.

To a varsity athlete who displays satisfactory academic progress and is in financial need (winner selected by Athletics)

Canadore Soccer - Continuing Excellence Award
To one full-time student athlete. Preference will be given to varsity soccer athletes. Student is to have a 3.4 GPA; very good class attendance; demonstrates leadership and commitment to the team; leads by example; and has demonstrated a "first one in, last one out" mentality. The successful candidate brings the team together and creates a positive team environment.

Dean McCubbin
Any program
To a student in any program; satisfactory academic progress; has shown leadership with athletic endeavours or the college, and/or has been heavily involved in his or her community

David Hamilton Alumni Memorial
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
To a graduating student in the Aircraft Maintenance program with a minimum GPA of 3.8, must be a leader, innovator, respected by peers, participate in extracurricular activities, be involved in the community in a volunteer capacity, show leadership and must be a competent troubleshooter.

Gateway Helicopters Ltd. Aviation Technician Award
Aircraft Maintenance
To a second year Aircraft Maintenance student with a GPA of 4.0.

H.E. Brown Supply
Aviation Maintenance Technician
To a student in Aviation Maintenance Technician program; academic achievement.

James Battler Memorial
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
To a first year Aircraft Maintenance Technician student maintaining a GPA of 3.3, attending a second year of studies; financial need; opportunity of summer employment at Goderich Aircraft Inc. with the potential for fulltime employment upon graduation.

Jazz Aviation LP
Aircraft Maintenace Technician, ASR
To a first year student, based on first semester marks.

Jazz Aviation LP Employment Equity
Aircraft Maintenace Technician, ASR
To a first year student; based on first semester marks; preference given to applicants who self-identify as Aboriginal; a person with a disability; a visible minority or a female.

Juan Gonzalez Cerdeira Memorial
Aircraft Structural Repair
To a married student with children in the Aircraft Structural Repair program; academic excellence or most improved.

Ken Shade Memorial
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
To a first year Aircraft Maintenance student who best displays the responsibility of the aircraft technician to his calling.

Mark MacLeod Memorial
Aircraft Structural Repair
To an Aircraft Structural Repair student who has overcome an obstacle throughout the course; min. GPA of 3.0; financial need.

Voyageur Airways
Aircraft Maintenance Technician/ Avionics
To a first year Aircraft Maintenance or Avionics student; consistent display of promise and potential for achievement in the field of aviation.

Fabrene Inc.
Business Accounting
To a student in the Business Accounting program; academic excellence.

Fabrene Inc.
To a student in the Business program: academic excellence.

Fred Buchy Alumni Memorial
To a final year Business student with a GPA of 3.0 or greater. Must be active in college and/or varsity sports, involved in community as a volunteer - coaching or as a leader with a community group.

Mac's Convenience/Northmar Distributors Inc.
To a first year Business student who had a minimum entrance average of 80%. Preference will be given to students who are the children or spouse of a corporate employee or Mac's Convenience dealer.

North Bay & District Chartered Accountants Association
Business - Accounting
To a second year student in the three year Business -Accounting program; high academic achievement and other merits.

Business, any business course
To a student showing proficiency in Business.

North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce
To a graduating student in a Business program; academic excellence.

School of Business Global Citizenship Award
To a student from the School of Business with a GPA of 3.0 or greater who demonstrates an appreciation for other cultures, and who is actively engaged in local and/or global issues that impact business.

To a student in a Business related program; good academic achievement.

Constable Mel Sinclair Memorial
Police Foundations
To a graduating student in the Police Foundations program; high level of competence and proficiency to the course content; deep-felt compassion and caring demeanour for their fellow students; completion of a successful field placement with a police agency in the North Bay area.

Downtown Improvement Area
Police Foundations
To a second year Police Foundations student who has volunteered in the downtown area; leadership and dedication in the performance of their duties.

Andrew Trigg Memorial Scholarship
Awarded annually to two full-time students enrolled in the Culinary Arts program. In addition to completing the online application, students must submit a 500-word (approx) essay describing their passion for cooking and food, their drive in pursuing the Culinary Arts program, and their career goals moving forward. Essays are to be submitted to Financial Aid for review and final selection by the Culinary Arts program faculty and staff.

Garland Canada
Culinary Management
To a second year Culinary Management student.

Manitou Chapter IODE
Culinary Management
To a Culinary Management student in second year; most improvement and dedicated effort towards attaining the professionalism needed by a Food Services Supervisor; resident of the North Bay area.

Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association
Culinary Arts
To a first year student in a Culinary Arts program; high level of proficiency and overall excellence.

Smart Serve
To a full-time student in his or her first year of study in Culinary Management, who will be returning for a second year. The student must have been a full-time resident in Ontario for 365 days prior to either the start of this year or the date of enrollment at Canadore. Student has demonstrated financial need, successfully completed Smart Serve certification, demonstrated a sense of leadership and passion for the culinary field, has a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater, and has executed the required Declaration provided by Smart Serve (available upon request:

Ted Day Memorial
To a second year Culinary student with a GPA of 3.5 or greater.

To a Biotechnology student; satisfactory academic achievement.

Environmental Protection Legacy
Environmental Technician - Protection and Compliance
To a promising student as selected by the faculty from submitted applications.

Susan Sherman Memorial
Environmental Protection Technician
To a returning student in the Environmental Technician-Protection & Compliance program; academic excellence; enthusiastic attitude; active in college life.

Eva Wardlaw-Foster Wild Environmental Award
Environmental Technician - Protection & Compliance
To a 1st year student who is pursuing the 2nd year of the Environmental Technician program. Recipient has demonstrated a willingness and capacity to help balance human needs with the needs of the natural environment through exemplary academic achievement and innovative problem solving in field work and project assignments. 

Murray McEachern Memorial
Environmental Technician-Protection & Compliance
To a student in the Environmental Technician-Protection and Compliance program; academic excellence; demonstrating a sincere interest in environmental protection.

Sebastien Michaud Memorial
To a graduating student in the Biotechnology program, min. GPA of 3.5.

Canadian Federation of University Women
Early Childhood Education
To be awarded to a female student (from North Bay, if possible) enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program. It is to go to a deserving student with good academic standing, who has performed well in her placement.

Dr. Herbert A. Bruce Chapter IODE
Practical Nursing
To a Practical Nursing student with academic excellence.

Elina Katsman 2013 Premier's Award Dental Hygiene Scholarship
To a student in his or her graduating year of Dental Hygiene who has been deemed by Faculty to be the best clinician. Preference will be given to a student with demonstrated financial need.

Lakeland Long Term Care Spirit Award
To one RPN and one PSW student in the graduating class of the Parry Sound program only, who best demonstrate the "Lakeland Spirit" of professionalism, creativity, open-mindedness, respect and excitement.

Norma Elizabeth Harris Memorial Scholarship
To a full-time female student currently enrolled in Practical Nursing who has achieved a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Smith Feed and Farm Supply
Practical Nursing
To a second year Nursing Student demonstrating special humanitarian patient care; interest in the profession; performing well academically and clinically.

Gino Tedesco Memorial
Respiratory Therapy
To a student in the Respiratory Therapy program; min. GPA of 3.0; academic excellence.

Dean McCubbin Memorial Entrance
RPN, Rec & Leisure
An entrance award for a student in Nursing or Recreation and Leisure.

Critchley, Delean, Trussler, Evans, Bertrand Architects
Mental Health & Addiction Worker
To a student in the first year of the Mental Health and Addiction Worker program; the award provided upon registration to second year.

Aboriginal Perseverance Award for Media Arts
Any Media Program
To a dedicated student in any year of a Media Arts program. Preference will be given to a student in Broadcasting-Video Production. Although the successful candidate is achieving academically, perseverance, hard work, commitment to the program and dedication to the field of Media Arts are most important. Final selection will be coordinated with program faculty.

Atlas Copco
Any program
To a second year student in a Communication Arts program with high academic standing, who demonstrates professionalism, and excellent interpersonal and leadership skills.

Bob Willard Memorial
Broadcasting- Television and Video Production
To a second year student in the Broadcasting - Television and Video Production Program; demonstration of skill and cooperation while working as a member of the CRTV operations team; potential for broadcast success; positive academic effort.

Broadcasting - Television and Video Production
To an Aboriginal Canadian, visible minority, or a disabled student in the Broadcasting - Television and Video Production program.

Denis Faucon Memorial
Broadcasting-Television and Video Production
To a student demonstrating a passion for television and video production; potential for broadcast success; genuinely helpful, caring and supportive of other CRTV members.

Dr. Herbert A. Bruce Chapter IODE Inez Murray
Awarded to a student in the Theatre Arts program; academic excellence and who is in financial need.

Keith Campbell
Theatre Arts
To a student in the Theatre Arts program (2009).

Mary Reynolds IODE Memorial
Graphic Design
To a student in the first year of a Graphic Design program; display of outstanding ability.

Nugget Graphic Arts
Graphic Design
To a student in the Graphic Design program.

Rod Carley TVO Top Lecturer Award
Theatre Arts
To a student in Theatre Arts program, min. GPA of 3.75.

Vickers Family
Theatre Arts
To a second or third year student who graduated from the Near North District School Board; min. GPA of 3.0.

Vickers Family
Rec Therapy
To a second or third year student who graduated from the Near North District School Board; min. GPA of 3.0.

Fabrene Inc.
Trades and Technology
To a student in one of the Trades and Technology programs; academic excellence.

Falconbridge Limited
Academic excellence; available to any student in an Industrial Trade program related to the mining industry: Machinist, Civil Engineering Technician, Motive Power Technician, Welder Fitter, Environmental Protection Technician.

Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO) & CWA Foundation Award in Welding for Persons Impacted by Childhood Cancer
To be presented to a student in any year of study in a Welding program. Candidate must be a survivor of pediatric cancer, or an immediate family member of someone affected by pediatric cancer (sibling, parent, family member). Applicants will be given an opportunity to provide a written statement on the personal impact pediatric cancer has had on them.

Fry Forest Products
To a student in the Carpentry program.

Stockfish Family Foundation Scholarship
To a full-time student currently enrolled in the Motive Power Technician program who demonstrates excellent academic performance and the following key traits: desire, willingness and passion for learning; excellent problem-solving skills; good communication; strong potential for success in the field of automotive service and repair. Preference will be given to a student who has graduated from a secondary school in the North Bay area within the last five years. Final selection will be made by Canadore College program faculty.

Union Gas
To a student in the Welder/Fitter program; academic excellence.

Canadore College Alumni Association - Children of Alumni
Alumni officer confirms applicants' status as children of Canadore alumni, recipients are to be achieving academically.

Canadore College Board of Governors
To a female student in technology who displays satisfactory academic achievement.

Commerce Court Spirit
Commerce Court Programs
Student selected by Commerce Court Spirit Committee from Campus Life Day and Winterfest participants.

Francis Pegahmagabow Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
The Scholarship shall be presented annually to one self-identified Aboriginal full-time student currently enrolled at Canadore College in good academic standing. Preference will be given to a student who also demonstrates financial need. Each year, the Scholarship recipient will also receive a copy of Pegahmagabow - Life Long Warrior, by Adrian Hayes.

Irene Anderson Memorial
To a single parent who has full custody of his/her children; academic achievement; volunteer community service.

Laurentian Community Veterans Association
To a student from Chippewa or Widdifield Secondary School; financial need; academic excellence; good character; school spirit; should there be no applicants from the above two schools, the award will be made available to students from West Ferris, Ecole Secondaire Algonquin, and St. Joseph-Scollard Hall Secondary Schools.

Nipissing First Nation
To a student from the Nipissing First Nation; excellence and achievement in any program.

Robert E. Kennedy Memorial
To a student in any program; demonstration of care and concern for the members of the community through direct involvement in civic activities during spare time (must not result in academic credit).

Rotary Club of North Bay
To a student with special needs; academic excellence.

Rotary Club of North Bay-Archie Freeman
To a student in any program; academic excellence.

Rotary Club of North Bay - Nipissing
To a full time student in his/her second year with a GPA of 3.5 or greater; exemplify the Rotarian goal, "Service Above Self" in the community; winner chosen by the Rotary Club.