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Drop-in essential computer skills and software - tips

During these unfamiliar times we have been forced to do things a little differently and the online world has become our temporary new norm. I have come up with 10 tips to try and make to online world easier for students and here they are.


Tip 1. Internet issues can be a pain, sometimes it’s as simple as restarting your computer, unhooking the power and reconnecting it to your internet modem or double checking that your computer is hooked up to the modem. If the problem persist then you can always get in touch with your internet provider as it may be a technical issue on their end.

Tip 2. Login issues, while sometimes it may be the app or webpage that is malfunctioning writing down your usernames and passwords and keeping them in a safe spot can reduce headaches and make life easier. If you still can’t get in clicking the forgot username and password link is the best option.

Tip 3. Logging into zoom meetings can sometimes be a pain, either you have the wrong link and or your internet is glitching. Make sure that you have the right link for the class as sometimes links are posted in three or more places and keeping track of what link you need can be daunting. Signing in a few minutes early to find the correct link could help.

Tip 4. Finding out what’s due is very important, a couple of ways we can stay on top of what’s due is to click on the discussions, quizzes or assignments (drop box) in the activities drop down tab. There you will see what is due.

Tip 5. Rubrics /slides and or text can be found by clicking on the content tab under your selected course in D2L. There you will find your week, what was learned and or assigned that week.

Tip 6. Microsoft software issues can be a real pain especially if your trying to get your projects and assignments done but can’t because the software is not working, you need to buy software or you are just unsure of how to use them. For all these issue we have tutors ready and eager to help, look for Dan’s chat box on Peer Tutoring webpage .

Tip 7. Muting your audio during a zoom class can be very beneficial, when you forget to mute your mic it causes excess noise that makes it difficult for your instructor to teach. It is always great to ask questions but when you’re done mute your mic.

Tip 8. Emailing your instructor is easy, if you are signed into D2L you can click the email link which looks like a letter on the tab bar top right. Then type in your instructors name and their email will pop up, if you don’t know your instructors name it will be on your class schedule and or timetable.

Tip 9. Use your resources as there are a lot provided to you not just from Canadore College but online as well. Google and Youtube can be very handy in finding information or how to videos quickly in a time crunch.

Tip 10. Participate in your online classes, don’t be afraid to ask questions and answer questions when your instructor asks for answers.